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They talk about the film in comparison to other war films, particularly with how realistic it handles the psychological effects of war, and whether or not that's really all that fun to watch for a podcast. One of the more interesting things about the film is its structure; Kubrick puts his privates Matthew Modine , Vincent D'Onofrio , and Arliss Howard through the ringer before throwing them into the war itself, so the film has two distinct halves.

This seems to be the most conversation-worthy aspect of the film and how it sets up the physical terrors of war with the psychological ones of R. Lee Ermey. The guys head back in time to the glorious Roman-Aussie empire to do battle alongside Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's film, Gladiator. The guys bust out the ruffled tuxedos and pig blood buckets for this week's podcast on Brian De Palma's Stephen King adaptation, Carrie. The guys take the coast highway to Bodega Bay with pockets full of birdseed on this week's podcast on Alfred Hitchcock's film, The Birds.

The guys demand satisfaction on this week's episode for Barry Lyndon , Stanley Kubrick's visual and satirical masterpiece of 18th Century high class society.

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The humor of the film is the center of their discussion, as it unanimously caught them off guard. Ryan O'Neal delivers a brutally believable performance of the status-obsessed titular character, but the film's satellite characters are what give Barry Lyndon so much energy and believability in its humor; from Lord Bullingdon young and old to Reverend Runt, the cast is masterfully crafted and made up to emulate the ludicrous nature of the satire's subject, to the point where the painting-like images on the screen feel all too real in their depictions.

They also plan their own survivals in a Napoleonic, duel-fevered society. Barry Lyndon July 17, The guys demand satisfaction on this week's episode for Barry Lyndon , Stanley Kubrick's visual and satirical masterpiece of 18th Century high class society. The Best of February 21, The Bit Players look back on the year of film in , counting down their favorite films, acting performances, scenes, directing and more.

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The Best Film Villains Bracket October 24, For the entire month of October, the Bit Players will be hosting a tournament to determine the best film villains of all time, so make sure to vote. The Best of August 21, The Bit Players count down everything that was great about film in , from acting and directing to scenes and trailers.

Snowpiercer He won four scoring titles and became a touchstone for a generation of fans who loved his defiance and heart as much as his crossover. Iverson was Rocky Balboa in cornrows and tattoos. When God decided to make the perfect basketball player, he made M. The only player in NBA history to record more than 15, points, 10, assists and 7, rebounds, Kidd was a multifaceted blur with the ball.

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He still has more triple-doubles than anyone besides Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson, whose no-look passes his were often compared to. The force of his personality alone made the Indiana Pacers a contender. He is still the only player to score eight points in 8.

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  • A two-time MVP, he led the NBA in assists five times and for four seasons joined the exclusive Club 90 percent from the free-throw line, 50 percent field goal accuracy, 40 percent on 3-pointers. He was robbed of a chance to play in the Finals when the San Antonio Spurs punked the Phoenix Suns and the Suns left the bench in The sixth all-time scoring leader, he once made 82 consecutive free throws and is one of just six players to average more than 25 points and 10 rebounds in his playoff career.

    He actually played two more seasons in Boston 15 than Larry Bird did. His penchant for clutch shots at the end of taut playoff contests continued almost until his retirement last season. He once scored 46 points in the second half of a game vs. New Jersey. Spain, a team of NBA players would have finished without gold for two straight Olympics. He was the only player to lead the league in both scoring and assists in his time 34 points and But by then, Archibald was a role player.

    The problem with keeping Bing was the problem with keeping so many guards from his era.

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    Bing was money, once leading the league in scoring Cowens was the first full-time Boston Celtic we cut from the Top He was the embodiment of hustle. And having to guard Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at only 6-foot-9 was maybe the greatest defensive ask of all time. Big D was just , but other than Charles Barkley, he played larger than anyone in league history for his size. Averaging 16 points and 11 rebounds at Madison Square Garden definitely helped his Top 50 candidacy. But DeBusschere had to make room for the gazelles of the past 20 years.

    Being a member of the Dream Team should give him lifetime membership on any Top 50 team. He skywalked, scored, cut off passing lanes. And yet, he was born at the wrong time. Apologies to all his Phi Slamma Jamma brethren at Houston. His career averages of He was clutch before Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and used the glass with efficiency like few players other than Tim Duncan.

    Just ask Magic Johnson or Jason Kidd. Yet, he was more of a college legend than an NBA all-timer. He played on some bad New Orleans teams. If mixtapes existed in the s, he would have been Skip to My Pistol. Parish was one of the greatest centers of his generation. He led his team to the playoffs in 14 of his 15 seasons. He led the NBA in rebounding in and was one of the great scorers and centers of his time.

    Simple, fast and powerful

    Danny Schayes, his son, was among the first players to follow his father into the NBA. He averaged less than 18 points, less than 4 rebounds and 3. Sharman is still thought of as one of the all-time great Celtics. But his claim to being one of the all-time top players fades with time. You decide. No one played bigger for his size than Unseld. He was a bear of a man who ably defended the 7-footers he competed against. His embrace of team owner Abe Pollin after the Washington Bullets won the NBA title in seven games over Seattle is still among the most touching sports photos ever taken.

    Character actor

    But he was first-team All-NBA just one time, and his place on the Top 50 was a casualty of his style of play as the game changed over the past two decades. Had he not missed so many games because of multiple surgeries to his foot, Walton would never be subtracted from any all-time list.

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    Indeed, this was one of the most brutal cuts we made. But he averaged less than 17 points per game for his career. And he never played in a playoff game once he left St. How did we cut a three-time NBA champion and Finals MVP from a team of all-time greats, especially a guy who played on one of the most aesthetically appealing teams of all time, the Showtime Lakers? Still, Big Game James elicited much debate. Mike Wise is a former senior writer and columnist at The Undefeated. Barack Obama once got to meet him.