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Existence is a game that everything plays, and some strategies are winners The Darkness is not some kind of tangible force for evil - it's just the inevitability that all life will come to an end, and the stars will eventually burn themselves out.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below

If the darkness is entropy, what would that make the Traveler? As this page explains, energy measures "the capability of an object or system to do work," whereas entropy is a measure of "the 'disorder' of a system. In this interpretation, it seems likely that the Traveler exists to, as AlphaLupi explains in his post, relight the sun. It was here to reshape our worlds and make everything new once again, to create life and to restart the cycle of all things. But something happened that stopped it, and forced it to make a stand on Earth. When it did, it expended all of it's energy to drive away whatever was attacking it.

I think there was some kind of massive explosion of energy that rippled through our solar system, perhaps even destroying most of human civilization at the time, and everything else along with it. Now, the Traveller sits above Earth, damaged and dormant, trying to repair itself and build up enough energy to continue it's task. In the meantime, it created the ghosts to raise a proxy army of Guardians to defend it while it does.

AlphaLupi goes on to explain how each alien race relates to this interpretation of the darkness in this post, which you should read. A small taste:. It's the simplest law but it has no worshippers here out there, though, out there -! Ghost Fragment: Darkness 3 ". We can learn it from Her. She comes up from the deep dark places where the greater Hive await to sing it to us, and here's a puzzle for you—.

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The song is death. To hear it is to die. To know the words is mortal.

Reveal Trailer - Official Destiny ViDoc: Pathways Out of Darkness

Oh, good point, Eriana, death is just a word, isn't it? A catch-all term for the failure to go on, nothing spiritual, nothing with its own quiddity. We all died once, and it did not prove insurmountable.

The Darkness

But what if what if what if, shhh listen, what if death were reified, described in its totality, made autonomous and universal, separate from any context or condition? What if She could invoke the ending of anything? Perhaps they know a way to make themselves part of the song, part of something vast and burning that rots and peels into ash but never ever ends.

Out of the all the enemy races, the Hive are the ones most often equated with the Darkness, or assumed to be direct servants. It's easy to understand why, given their general appearance, but I don't believe they serve the Darkness anymore than a predator "serves" natural selection.

Notice that Dinklebot specifically uses the word "seen" - not "helped" or "served" or anything like that. They've simply observed it happening. Thousands of years ago, the Hive may have been a race not much different than us. They saw the Darkness coming, saw life and the light of stars extinguished forever.

At the time, 'AnontheNine' didn't give specifics, but now he's ready to talk. According to him, Destiny 3 is entirely a project from past mistakes, every lesson learned compiled into one. With Forsaken being such a massive success, it does go to show that Bungie finally "got it right" with many fans, and the third game will continue that desire to please. According to the source, Destiny 3 won't be a game for the weak and will go full-on in respect to the RPG side of things. He also says that Destiny 3 is the game they wanted to make from the start birthed from a much darker narrative. AnontheNine also went into to a few specifics, saying that the Guardian will instead utilize the power of the Darkness, which was a huge theme in Destiny 2's latest expansion.

Since all Guardians derive that power from the Light currently, this could mean big things for the story as we know it. The Vex win, and both the light and dark die. Because the Vex don't need it. Which, of course, makes sense why the Darkness so adamently goes after the Vex in its own way with the Hive. The strongest live on the edge of the sharpest sword, the edge of pure entropy. When everything dies, only one thing is certain, and that certainity is that you're still alive. So it makes sense why the Vex and Hive are famously at war a lot.

Both want the polar opposite, and one supports the dark while the other is against it. The point is that I think rooting the darkness into a 'enemy faction' would be a terrible idea. But they don't have any other idea that results in a 'win' for the Light. The story would be too long, too dark, and too complicated to be told in the way Bungie is telling the story. Sadly, that's going to reduce the darkness inevitably from what it once was. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen. The Darkness is the Traveller.

The Black Garden is inside the Traveller. Bungo abandoned the "the traveller is a vex machine" plot line and the story has suffered ever since. Element Ninja. As fun as it is to speculate, the fact is that the original creators of the Destiny universe have all or mostly all have left the Bungie company. What we will get will be but an inconsistent shadow of what was originally intended. It could be anything.

Fal Chavam. Me thinks he did We are, and have been, in a Vex simulation. They took over milennia ago almost immediately after we created the Warmind. Rasputin created the Vex to protect mankind as he saw fit: with an advanced race of AI cybernetic biomechanisms. They quickly assertained humanity's fall and thus manufactured it. They protected humanity by destroying the biological life and preserving the intellegence in the form of a self replicating simulation. MC Lasombra. Hey buddy I noticed somethings too. The Vex have similar statutes, except they hold what looks like those eye-orb thingies you see on Nessus.

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When rescuing Cayde on Nessus from the Vex teleported. The maze puzzles are all around the Io Cradle. Some even overlap. Which is really puzzling. The Cradle itself seems to have a pattern imprinted on the tops of the pillar things. Oddly the Vex also have similar shaped pillars, inside Nessus.

Bathing in the vapor of six suns. Cant remember if it was the same mission or another. That segues into the old Ghost Fragment: Ghost card. A possible origin location for the Ghosts since they remember it. That weird temple? It looks human because it was made by humans most likely. Are we to think that during the Collapse they built that? Why would they? Take those last three and put them together. To me seems that maybe the Collapse was two fold. The fight and the aftermath then something else happened that brought about the Dark Age. What do you think?

Leaked: Destiny 3 Might Be Introducing A New Enemy Race And Darkness-based Subclasses

Lyanna Mormont. Dwy man 7. Really hope all of the concept art gets incorporate because it all looks sick. Who gives a -blam! Game will still suck.

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You started to sound like a crazy person at the end. I can image you pulling your hair out staring at your floor to ceiling cork board full of Polaroid photos of Luke Smiths birth and every piece of concept art ever released, fueled by caffeine. Bacon Wrapped. I think you're probably on to something. Byf's latest video on the new Exo lore from Warmind quotes Grimoire card Rasputin 4 where Rasputin is interacting with the Exo Stranger. Byf points out that Rasputin refers to three different types of Exos: 1.