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Then I start getting in the weeds with the customer. Everything in the bonus section in the bottom bonus section in Secrets Masterclass was created post-launch to fill the holes. Should you run? Should you go the other way? That ocean sucks.

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Next, you need to take all that data to fill in the gaps and design the framework. Once the framework is filled out, this next piece is super fun…. These three are stages that you cycle through forever. You have to be prepared to fail. If you saw the Experts Secrets book launch, we started that funnel two days before the launch. That was extremely stressful.

Top 10 Simple Ideas That Made Millions Dollar To Its Creator

The Harmon brothers had this cabin where Russell, John, I and a few others went to help write the first script for the viral video. Back forth, back forth, back forth, back forth. During the Expert Secrets launch, we were still in the cabin. The writers were iterating, and so were we. Then BOOM! One iteration hit, and it brought the average cart value up a whole bunch.

We create all our stuff with the total expectation of failure. During OfferMind , I used the same process I learned at college to teach design thinking.

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  • These are some of the responses I got:. STAGE 2: Hand the prototype to a person in another team while looking into their eyes to gauge feedback. DO NOT, for the love of it, fall in love with your prototype. It speeds up how cool something is, like how fast you can actually make it. Cool, thanks so much. Steve: And you only did this for freaking 20 minutes, can you imagine if you actually did it? With the actual product?

    Audience Member — Huge lesson for me. Our group flew right to prototype and test.

    How to Brainstorm and Prioritize Your Best Content Ideas

    We spent zero time getting data. Stephen — Which is what happens for most entrepreneurs. You just gotta get it out the door. Audience Member — Share all your craziest ideas with people because you might not be that crazy. Audience Member — A lot of overwhelm at first. And then presenting it, in even more overwhelm and fear.


    Do we get to go play with Play Dough again and redo it? Cause we could totally nail it next time. Can you see how this game starts to get played? So, just to recap real fast.

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    This was one of my offers in January when I launched it, by April it had changed dramatically because of this exact process. It will always be broken. There will always be improvements. The process begins before the team meets. Sending the guiding question keeps everyone focused and ensures that ideas aim at solving a specific problem.

    What is Brainstorming Really?

    Notice how the question is structured — it includes four components:. Give each person a bunch of sticky notes and pens. Ask them to boil down their ideas into three words or less and write each concise idea on a single note. Next, stick the ideas to a board, a wall, or somewhere else in plain view. While those two questions are most helpful in determining impact and execution, these three questions can help the evaluation further:.

    TIP: If you have a whiteboard, sketch out a grid and plot your ideas accordingly. Our team usually leaves a brainstorming session with 30 to 50 ideas. Projects that are both 10x and quick to execute default to the top of the list upper right quadrant on x-y chart and the others plot accordingly. Which metric do you want to grow by tenfold? Now you have a system to generate 10x ideas and a framework for ruthlessly prioritizing them.

    Make plans today to grow your content marketing skills 10x or more.

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    Register today for Content Marketing World Sept. Ranked as the best business tool built by a startup on Entrepreneur. Garrett is the author of the 10x Marketing Formula and has been featured on Entrepreneur, Inc. Other posts by Garrett Moon.

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