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Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Never Satisfied Book 1. Help us print the first book of the ongoing webcomic Never Satisfied, a general audiences fantasy about magician apprentices competing. Hiveworks Comics. Share this project.

Three Reasons You’re Never Satisfied

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Very Nice really we have to happy all time in every situation with available resources be happy and make happy others. I liked the post very much. We always chase for the more. For the better. And if we finish this.. So we should do it with grace and gratitude. Living in the now and being happy for what we got.

In my case for many months I think I was on the wrong end of it.. As if there is a deadline to my growth as a person, a martial artist.

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It is that obsession to never surrender that will keeps us ahead in life. I learned the focus developed from this mindset is the real advantage not living everyday simply for physical gains or financial gains. Both fade with age..

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Our bonds that hold us to this world. That I think is what matters.

I think you are absolutely on the right track. If you are in a room of negative, sad, depressed people — it will be mighty challenging to express and feel happiness. We are all connected and when we share and spread love, happiness, gratitude, etc… we all benefit from that upward cycle of good vibrations! Needs grow with what we have. We will never be satiated. It get worse.


But the opposite has proven to be true. The more we have, the more additional things we need. While the rich should have fewer unfulfilled needs than the poor, the reality is turning out to be absolutely the opposite. Nothing new here yet. Source: DeviantArt. Both stories, says Sedlacek, tell us about how hard it is to find satisfaction:. When he tried to pick the fruit, the branches would rise away from his fingers. When he bent down to drink, the waters would descend down out of his reach.

Such is the fate of those that fall prey to the lures of wealth, consumerism,power. Happiness is always just out of reach.

Random or Meant To Be?

What this means to me is that o ur ancestors struggled with same problems we did. Pandora opened the box. Eve ate the fruit. For longer than we can remember, our ancestors have struggled with desire, and these struggles were captured in the form of myths and stories. Myths are lies that tell the truth. We are naturally discontented—as we have seen, insaturability is something that has been in human nature from its very beginning.. Why is it part of human nature? Why is the problem insoluble? Cheating and procrastination are age-old problems.

Oh boy.